Frequently Asked Questions


Industry Presence at Pitt/UPMC Facilities


Can a faculty physician or staff member invite a representative from Industry to a faculty meeting to discuss a new drug or device that is under consideration for clinical use?

An SOHS or UPMC employee may request, via the appropriate organization’s purchasing department, to schedule a presentation by an Industry representative. If the product will be purchased with University funds under a University account number, see the University’s Purchasing website for instructions; otherwise, contact UPMC’s Supply Chain Management department or The Industry representative must be registered with the appropriate organization’s purchasing department, must have completed required training, and must comply with badging requirements. Any such presentation should allow time for attendees to fully discuss questions related to the data presented, and no gifts may be provided to attendees.

Can a supplier who does NOT meet the definition of Industry under the policy conduct sales activities, such as presentations and shows, at my facility without registration?

Yes. If the supplier is not in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, or hospital equipment supply industries, the supplier must comply with the existing University and UPMC purchasing policies, but is not subject to the additional requirements of the Industry Relationship Policy.

What facilities have controlled access for Industry representatives?

All SOHS facilities and all UPMC clinical facilities are subject to the access restrictions.

If the Industry supplier is under a long-term enterprise-wide contract (see list of University and UPMC contracts) or a long-term department contract, do I need to process a supplier visit request for each visit?

The Industry vendor need only register as a corporate entity once, but each visit by a representative must be requested and approved prospectively by the responsible purchasing department.

Our department will be using a newly approved medical device, and on-site training by the manufacturer is required. How do we arrange for this in a way that is consistent with the policy?

Training on new medical devices may be provided on-site, as long as the Industry representative has first registered with UPMC Supply Chain Management, completed the necessary training, and is following badging requirements. Appointments will normally be made for such purposes as in-service training of personnel for research or clinical equipment already purchased, or the evaluation of new purchases of equipment, devices, or related items


A device, biologic, and/or drug manufacturer would like to conduct a training session using the company’s product(s) in our animal facilities. Is this permissible, and what approvals are needed?

In general, company-sponsored, product-specific training in University or UPMC facilities is not permitted under the Industry Relationship Policy. In particular, use of animals for product demonstration or product training would not be acceptable under University IACUC policies. Where UPMC has already approved a particular device through its Value Analysis Program, and that device is in use in clinical settings, training of residents and staff on its use should be conducted by UPMC physicians in that setting. If UPMC or University personnel wish to design and control their own training course, and if an animal model is absolutely the only way to accomplish this training, and the training is capable of and necessary to correct identified and quantified serious safety issues with the particular procedures or products in question, such a course may be approvable. In this latter case, Industry support may be allowable, subject to an appropriate agreement being negotiated through the University with the funding source. Agreements that seek to lease or rent the University facilities, or which permit instruction by Industry representatives, or which include third parties invited by Industry representatives, will not be approved.