Industry Relationship Policy

These policies were jointly developed by the University of Pittsburgh’s Schools of the Health Sciences and UPMC and are substantively the same.

Full Text of University of Pittsburgh Industry Relationship Policy

Full Text of UPMC Industry Relationship Policy


University of Pittsburgh Industry Relationship Policy


The University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences (collectively “SOHS”) and the domestic locations of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (“UPMC”) share a goal to improve the health of the public >>>

A. Scope of Policy

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students of the SOHS, and to all healthcare professionals and staff employed and/or contracted by domestic locations of UPMC and to all facilities owned or controlled by the SOHS and UPMC. While this policy addresses many aspects of Industry interaction>>>

B. Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the SOHS and UPMC that clinical decision-making, education, and research activities be free from influence created by improper financial relationships with, or gifts provided by, Industry. >>>

C. Specific Activities

1. Gifts and Provision of Meals

SOHS and UPMC personnel shall not accept or use personal gifts (including food) from representatives of Industry, regardless of the nature or dollar value of the gift. Although personal gifts of nominal value may not violate professional standards or anti-kickback laws, such gifts >>>

2. Consulting Relationships

The SOHS and UPMC recognize the obligation to make the special knowledge and intellectual competence of its faculty members available to government, business, labor, and civic organizations, as well as the potential value to the faculty member, the University, and UPMC.

However, consulting arrangements that simply >>>

3. Drug or Device Samples

The provision by manufacturers of “free” samples of prescription drugs can offer benefit to some patients who require trial or starter doses. However, the availability of branded samples can lead to initiation>>>

4. Site Access

As charitable institutions dedicated to advancing the public interest, the SOHS and UPMC are not obligated to allow use of their facilities or other resources for marketing activities by Industry. The University and UPMC always reserve the right to refuse access >>>

5. Support of Continuing Education in the Health Sciences

Industry support of continuing education (“CE”) in the health sciences can provide benefit to patients by ensuring that the most current, evidence-based medical information is provided to healthcare practitioners. In order to ensure that potential for bias is minimized >>>

6. Industry Sponsored Meetings or Industry Support for Off-Campus Meetings

SOHS faculty, personnel, or students or UPP physicians or staff may participate in or attend Industry-sponsored meetings, or other off-campus meetings where Industry support is provided, so long as >>>

7. Industry Support for Scholarships or Fellowships or Other Support of Students, Residents, or Trainees

The SOHS and UPMC may accept Industry support for scholarships or discretionary funds to support trainee or resident travel or non-research funding support, provided that >>>

8. Frequent Speaker Arrangements (Speakers Bureaus) and Ghostwriting

While one of the most common ways for the SOHS and UPMC to disseminate new knowledge is through lectures, “speakers bureaus” sponsored by Industry may serve as little more than an extension of the marketing department of the companies>>>

9. Other Industry Support for Research

The SOHS, through the Office of Research, and UPMC, through the UPMC Office of Contracts and Grants, have established policies and contract forms to permit Industry support >>>

D. Reporting and Enforcement

SOHS and UPMC personnel shall report their outside relationships with Industry using the approved electronic Conflict of Interest reporting system for their institution; at least annually and more often as needed to disclose new relationships.

Alleged violations of this policy >>>