The Conflict of Interest Committee and the Conflict of Interest Division play an important role in assisting the University community with understanding federal regulations and implementing best practices for managing potential conflicts arising from interactions with industry partners and engagement in entrepreneurial activities.

The COI Committee (COIC) is responsible for the oversight and management of the potential conflicts of the University’s employees, students, and the institution itself. It also reviews potential conflicts involving start-up companies that license or option University technology. Additionally, the COIC reviews potential conflicts involving human subject and animal research, as well as conflicts surrounding consulting and purchasing activities.

The mission of the COI Division (COID) aligns with that of the COIC, and its work supports the Committee’s functions and activities. The Division also helps faculty, staff, and students in the Schools of the Health Sciences comply with the Industry Relationship Policy and develops plans to manage potential conflicts arising from employee and student consulting, speaking, and other outside engagements with companies. 

COI Philosophy

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COI Committee

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Examples of COIs

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