COI Filing Process

Who Must Disclose?

Review job classifications and personnel groups required to complete a COI disclosure.

COI Superform System

For use by University personnel who are not dually employed by UPMC or University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP).

UPMC/Pitt Joint COI Form

A joint COI disclosure filing system used by all personnel holding a dual UPMC and/or UPP appointment.

Management Reporting

Duties of chairpersons, deans, directors, and regional campus presidents after employees under their responsibility complete their COI disclosures.

COI Database Administrative Access

Access to the University's COI database can be granted to certain University employees for administrative matters.  The COI Office coordinates access to the disclosure database.

Outside Consultants

Outside consultants who are hired by the University and engaged in research projects have an annual paper fiing process pursuant to University policy.

General FAQs

Which forms must I complete?  Do I have to keep my form updated throughout the year?  Learn more about the COI filing process.