UPMC/Pitt Joint COI Form

The UPMC/Pitt Joint COI Form is used by all University of Pittsburgh faculty and employees who hold a dual appointment with UPMC and/or University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP).

Avoid Technical Issues

Users of the UPMC/Pitt Joint COI Form must have a valid HSConnect account to complete the University's portion of the COI filing. Personnel are strongly advised to confirm that their HSConnect account credentials are valid by logging in to the HSConnect portal before entering the UPMC system and beginning the Joint COI form.  

Forgot your HSConnect password? Do not create a duplicate account. Please use the online password reset tool or call the iTarget Helpdesk at (412) 648-2222. 

Begin Your COI Disclosure

  1. Login to the Conflict of Interest page on UPMC Infonet (UPMC Network Account Required) »
  2. Click "Complete the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form" at the bottom of the page.
  3. You will be redirected to My HUB. 
  4. Under the "My Profile" heading, click "COI."

Signature Page

Once a COI form submission is complete and transferred to the COI Superform System through the "Send to University" button, the employee must print the signature page (accessible through the Filing History tab), sign and date a hard copy, and deliver it to his or her supervisor by April 15. 

For personnel located at the Pittsburgh (Oakland) campus, a supervisor is generally a department chairperson. Some large departments, including the Department of Medicine, may have signature pages collected by a division chief.

Personnel at all regional campuses and the Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Resource Center should submit signature pages to their division chairperson, division director, or equivalent supervisor.

Instruction Guide

For additional guidance, please consult the following documents on how to navigate the UPMC/Pitt Joint COI Form and COI Superform System.

Need Help?

Questions regarding the UPMC/Pitt Joint COI Form may be directed to the UPMC Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services by email.