To simplify and modernize reporting and review of disclosures, Pitt and UPMC have now worked together to develop an online joint disclosure system called MyDisclosures.  This system will launch on a pilot basis this term.

MyDisclosures is a seamless, easy-to-use platform that conforms with Pitt’s Conflict of Interest Policy for Research, federal funding requirements, UPMC policies (for UPMC disclosers), and other Pitt conflict of interest policies.  The platform was developed with guidance and input from an Advisory Committee on Conflict of Interest Disclosure including colleagues from UPMC and has undergone extensive testing by faculty and staff. Some of the features cited as most helpful include:

  • Paperless: This paperless system automatically routes to supervisors.
  • Customized Questions: Only asks questions relevant to individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Integrated System: Full integration between Pitt and UPMC disclosures, providing “one-stop entry.”
  • Improved Help Facilities: Informational boxes explain terms and offer examples of what does – and does not - need disclosure. A Help Desk will be available and online FAQs cover many common topics, including who should complete the form.

Disclosers and supervisors can learn the basics of MyDisclosures by viewing this presentation


    Who Must Disclose?

    Review classes of disclosers and types of conflicts.

    What Do I Have to Disclose?

    Learn about both conflicts of interest and commitment that require reporting.

    User Guidance

    Review step-by-step instructions to complete the disclosure form or complete a supervisor review.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Disclosure

    Unsure if you need to submit a disclosure? What are the reporting timelines? Learn more about the process and requirements.