The University permits faculty to devote up to one day per week of their University time over the period of their contractual appointment at the University and any summer months during which they receive compensation for teaching, research, or other University activities on approved outside professional work. Faculty may also engage in such activities during their personal time. University staff must conduct all outside work on personal time.

All employees of the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC are responsible for ensuring their outside professional activities are appropriate, do not conflict with any of their obligations under the policies of the University and/or UPMC, and do not negatively impact their performance of their institutional responsibilities.

The consulting contract review process varies depending on University and UPMC affiliation.

Dually-Appointed and UPMC-Only Employees

All personnel holding dual appointments with the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC or University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP), as well as UPMC-only employees, must have all contracts reviewed and approved by the UPMC Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services.

University-Only Employees

Personnel holding a University of Pittsburgh appointment with no UPMC or UPP affiliation have a separate review procedure, which begins with the employee's specific department, division, or unit.