Consulting by University-Only Employees

Personnel employed by the University who have no affiliation to UPMC or UPP are not required to submit their consulting agreements to the COI Division for review. 

As a service to University personnel, a standard consulting addendum is available for use with consulting agreements.  The addendum was prepared by the Office of University Counsel to protect faculty, staff and students from entering into contracts that may jeopardize their ability to fulfill their obligations to the University.  If you want to proceed with your outside activity without using the addendum, you may choose to do so, but you risk the possibility of entering into a legally binding agreement that has not been reviewed by an attorney that has your best interest in mind, including how it affects your obligations at the University.  Since this is a personal contract, the University cannot provide legal advice to you.  If you do not utilize the addendum, it is strongly suggested that you retain your own attorney to review your agreement before signing it.  

Questions regarding terms of a consulting agreement not related to University compliance should be addressed by your personal attorney.  No legal review or analysis of your agreement is performed by the University for any purpose.