Licensed Start-up Companies

Licensed Start-up Companies (LSCs) are nonpublic companies that have an Option or License agreement for University of Pittsburgh technology and the University and/or one or more of its employees, students, members of their immediate families, or the University itself has taken an ownership interest in the company.

Relationships with these companies and their interactions with the University are governed by University Policy RI01

All consulting relationships with these companies, whether paid or unpaid, require the approval of the Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC).

There is an approximately two to three week turnaround time from the COI Division's receipt of new LSC information to facilitate placement on the COIC monthly meeting agenda by the document submission deadlines.

Innovation Institute

For more information on technology commercialization, as well as optioning or licensing University-owned intellectual property, the Innovation Institute's licensing managers are available to assist.

LSC Approval Process

Review the required COI approval process for new LSCs formed by faculty, staff, and students at all University of Pittsburgh campuses.

LSC Policy Compliance Statement

This document must be signed by each faculty member, staff member, or student who intends to take an ownership interest in a LSC and/or hold a management or officer position.