Pitt Concern Connection: Report Concerns

The University of Pittsburgh strives to maintain a safe and ethical environment for faculty, staff, research associates, and students. The Pitt Concern Connection is an all-in-one reporting system that can be used by students, faculty, staff and even community members to report issues ranging from environmental compliance to student conduct and everything in between.

The Pitt Concern Connection can be accessed by texting 412-903-3456, calling 800-468-5768 or completing an online form.

What is the Pitt Concern Connection?

  • The Pitt Concern Connection is a unique reporting system that makes it comfortable and convenient for University members to report concerns via telephone, text message, or by using our online system so that issues can be investigated and resolved.

What types of issues can be reported?

  • Human resources and workplace concerns, including perceived harassment, discrimination and misconduct;
  • Bias incidents, including discrimination, retaliation, sexual misconduct and Title IX-related incidents;
  • Research-compliance concerns;
  • Environmental health and safety concerns;
  • Concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including medical and behavioral concerns;
  • Concerns about financial management or use of University assets;
  • Privacy and data governance concerns and questions; and
  • Other legal or regulatory matters, such as the protection of children while on campus. Please note that using the Pitt Concern Connection to report suspected child abuse does not fulfill the requirements of mandatory reporters.

What happens after a report is filed?

  • When you make a report or ask a question, it is assigned to the appropriate office or individual to investigate and respond.
  • All reports are read and investigated to the fullest extent possible given the information provided.
  • Depending on the type of report, a variety of outcomes are possible. Whether or not you've shared your name as part of your report, you will be able to log in using your assigned number to check the status of the report and view related messages or updates.

For Life-Threatening Emergencies

The Pitt Concern Connection is not an emergency service.  Immediate, life-threatening safety concerns should be reported to 911 or by contacting your local University police or security department:

Pittsburgh (412) 624-2121
Bradford (814) 368-3211
Greensburg (724) 836-9865
Johnstown (814) 269-7222
Titusville (814) 827-4488